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01-24-2013, 01:20 AM
k accx3 weapons don't bleed that much over anymore.

The .xls is the actual max crit chance and severity you get from acc modifier. The max listed bonuses you can get is .25% critical chance and 1% critical severity. That is what the game uses! so your accx3 weapons are really really over rated. The only reason you would need accx3 weapons is the Bio neurals in No Win Scenario. HATE THOSE BIOS!!! I'm not kidding either you need accx2 or higher otherwise you see a wall of misses when shooting at those bios.

CrtH is king. Consoles and dhc's inante crit severity and attack pattern alpha gives enough severity you might as well use [acc] [crit]x2 for your weapons. We want this help build support!