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01-24-2013, 02:30 AM
Originally Posted by momaw View Post
No they haven't. If they learned from their mistakes, they would fix their mistakes.

Somebody on the design team loves bug ships and Mary Sue'd it up. It's as simple as that.
Not really. Again, fixing the mistake (i.e. nerfing the Bug) would screw over legit customers that spent gobs of money in one way or another to get a Bug ship.

Remember, they don't have the subscription safety net to rely on.

Balance may take priority over canon, but business takes priority over balance. Usually good balance is good business, but retroactively tampering with customers' goods in service of balance is bad business.

Without nerfing the Bug or axing the Bug, there are only three viable solutions:

1. Raise the bar for everyone by buffing existing ships to Bug level (within reason) - That's both too much work and messes with what's left of the balance, and devalues the Bug people worked hard for. It might happen indirectly when the level cap is raised, but not right now.

2. Release more Bugs - they did that already once, but again, since not everyone has a Bug, it's even worse for balance.

3. Stop releasing Bugs - This is the solution. Despite their OPness Bugs are in a small minority. Never releasing one again eventually negates its impact on balance at large, INCREASES perceived value for the players that DO have one. And ideally, they never release another ship that's as unbalanced as the Bug, which seems to be the case.