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01-24-2013, 03:14 AM
For those who are trying to say, that cruisers are not UP, I yesterday run a little "test". I'm playing mainly PvP with sci/sci but spent some EC on mirror cruiser and because I fly mirror scis I got Patrol Escort with free RA token.

I then spent whatever EC I got left to equipe the testships with simmilar equipement, with some changes to use whatever suits each ship type. My character skills are set for max sci usage, so both escort and cruiser got a little shorthanded, but then with the cost of skills and amount of points you get you end as master of anything needed.

Then I run PvE missions from Klingon campaign with each ship. Different missions for different ships, but there was a lot of space combat in all of them.

The result was that escort was able to do space combat parts three times as fast as cruiser and more or less two times as fast as sci (running energy build with torps so this was going pretty fast for a sci).

Then I switched to Ker'rat (still below lvl requirements for STFs) and tested all three against Borg. Escort was, of course, killing the Borg a lot faster then cruiser and faster then sci (this drain build really helps in PvE). But the WTF moment came when I started to test survivability.

1) Ship vs one Borg Cube, endresult: the damage without activating anything else then TT. Escort was ending with 80% the hull (more or less) and dead Cube. Sci and cruisers were more or less between 50-20% beofre Cube died.

2) Ship vs as many Borg as I could aggro - how many I could kill before I was killed. All healing/tactics allowed. In escort I could kill anything without dying once. The worse result I got was getting to 5% hull and luckily HE got off CD before plasma killed me. Sci could survive indefinitely, but was unable to kill the cubes before zone reset. Cruiser died at one moment when I run out of engine batteries and Evasives alone were not fast enough to get me through all those cubes and other **** around me (try to manoeuver with cruiser with so many targets around).

All in all escort outDPSed every other ship. But it also out tanked every other ship. And not because it had more heals or buffs. But simply because it outDPSed other ships and could kill the Borg before they become a serious threat.

Cruisers are UP. Sci generally too. Escorts are too powerful for PvE.