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01-24-2013, 05:14 AM
Originally Posted by momaw View Post
6 disruptor beam arrays
1 romulan experimental beam array
1 borg cutting beam

Target: 9.5km distant

With no attempts to mitigate power drain, average damage with the disruptors was 327.

With plasmonic leech (+2.2 power per hit, max +11) and chained Emergency Power To Weapons 1 (+22 power), average damage with the disruptors was 348.

With plasmonic leech, chained EPTW1, and 4 plasma manifolds (+14 power), average damage with the disruptors was 387.

That should be a total of +47 to weapon power.

With nadion inversion, average damage with the disruptors was 487.

Just to recap, using leech and EPTW chain gained me 6% actual damage, while using every slot available for power consoles got me 18%. Turning off power drain got me 48% more damage.

Problem with beam arrays: power drain is insane and making every sensible effort to mitigate it barely helps.

How are you getting such low damage numbers o.0 are you powering them by treadmill?

This work in progress build is getting 550-650 avg damage per shot without powers active, and 1100-1250 per shot during NI+faw+omega

chol grett:
6 green xi disruptors [acc]
2 placeholder torpedoes front/back

eng: armour resists
sci: assimilated, fleet xi +tht shield emitter; zero point module
tac: 4x green xi disruptors

boff powers: tt1x2 faw2x2, apo1, apo3 ; EptS1x2, RSP1 ; HE1 HE2 TSS3;

this isnt even on a tac or with any serious effort into dps