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01-24-2013, 04:48 AM
Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
I have to admit that i play more farming missions than story-based episodes, just because i'm in a very small fed fleet and because we need fleetmarks. At least i have the decency not to give any tips or rates. Please also consider something: story-based content isn't repetable. Once you've played it you're done with it. I guess i could play more of these missions, but i enjoy a lot more creating one than playing one.
You can replay story-based content (story-missions and also story-missions from the foundry), you just don't want to redo the whole stories again and again.

Just because a mission hasn't got a huge background-story doesn't mean that it doesn't require much testing and balancing. A stupid Boff-grinder can also be balanced, so that you can test your Boffs: Have they got good gear, have they got a good mix of abilites/traits?

My "Rumble"-Mission didn't need experimental game-mechanics, it's quite stupid, but that doesn't mean that it required no thinking and testing to get things working the way I wanted them to. I'd be also happy about a fair amount of tips.

We are discussing the way how players should be rewarded for doing foundry-missions, but what is about the way we should be rewarded for creating Foundry-Missions? We can't ask Cryptic to give us 10 Dilithium-Ore per run on a Mission, if we want to get stupid grind-/minimum-missions out of the lists.

A reward (for the author) based on type and average time would be fair. Maybe per run:
100 Dilithium-Ore for storyline-missions (avg. time 20 to 30 minutes),
10 Dilithium-Ore for "Rumbles" (avg. time 20 to 30 minutes) and
1 Dilithium-Ore for self-completing Boff-grinders (with avg. time up to 20 minutes - this would require just a semi-automated test from Cryptic).

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