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01-24-2013, 05:15 AM
Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
i don't play EVE for several reasons
- 1: endless leveling system, you will NEVER catch up to the big guys that started years ago
- 2: worst UI EVER, even worse than STOs (so tiny fonts you need to lean forward to read stuff *ugh*)
- 3: i don't know what the hell all the items are, i DO know what a Phaser and a Photon Torpedo is, but in EVE i have no idea what is what, which means more reading up on stuff in tiny fonts...
1) you train for a ship, and ships have a skill cap. You can be as good as anyone in your given ship within a year(outside of capitals). Sometimes substantially less for a the smaller ships. Since all the ship classes serve a purpose... It's really just an excuse for people who don't understand how the game works.

2) it's a complicated UI, it's also extremely customizable and interactive, including font size. its not bad by a long shot... It's actually one of the more advanced in the industry

3) that's fair, it's a complex game