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"We're on our way, Admiral." Jinx signed off her communication with Admiral Quinn and walked through to the bridge. "Helm, set course for Trill, maximum warp. It seems the Symbiosis Commission wants to see me."
"Aye, Sir."

Three days later, the U.S.S. Nightingale dropped out of warp in a high orbit around the planet, Trill.

"Mat, I shouldn't be too long, you have the bridge. Oh, if you want to run more weapons exercises like you did last time we were here, that'll be fine, but please make sure someone tells the Commission. We don't want their fleet paying us another visit. Got it?"
"Yes, Captain. Wait, Captain, we are receiving a hail. It's not coming from the planet, and there are no other ships in the area."
"On screen," Jinx ordered. A brief moment later, another Trill appeared on the viewscreen. It was male, yet there was something... familiar about him.
"Jinx, good to see you," he said with a smile, "Still wearing that old body? You should have got yourself a new one long ago. Hmm, I can see you still haven't worked out who I am yet. Honestly, I thought you were smarter than that. It's me! I'm you, just from a different place. Listen, as much as I'd like to sit and chat about our lives and how similar they really are, this isn't a social call. I need your help. Oh, wait, that's right... WE need your help. As in, all of us on Trill."
"Ok, before we go any further, let us clear a few things up. You are me, just from a different place?"
"Terran Empire place, or somewhere else?"
"Bang! You got it one! I'll put your mind at ease though, we are not allied with the Terran Empire."
"Wonderful," Jinx muttered, her quiet comment dripping in sarcasm. "Right, next... How did you get here? We've heard of these incursions from your universe a few times over the past few hundred years, most recently a year or two ago not too far from DS9. Never anything on Trill though."
"Oh, simple. We mastered the technology needed to jump between universes long ago."
"And, I suppose the most important part, what trouble is Trill in?"
"Oh, not Trill, Jinx, us. As in the symbionts on Trill. My Trill that is. Our slaves have decided they don't like us controlling their population to keep them in check, and they have started to rebel against us."
"Wait, what? Slaves on Trill? Since when?"
"Oh, it's been quite a few hundred years now, Jinx. We had this bond with the native humanoids on the planet for thousands of years, millenia, even, and then they started experimenting on us. Using the bonds we had with them, we overthrew them, and have dominated their society ever since.
"Now, we keep our slaves in small enough numbers for our purposes, but still enough to sustain a healthy breeding population, and when we need a new host, we simply take one.
"But, we have started to hear mutterings of discontent, so we have started looking at alternative solutions. This is where the Terrans come in. From the genetic research our slaves did on us centuries ago, we know it is possible to rewrite a being's genes to suit a particular environment or requirement. More recent studies show that these Terrans' DNA is fairly similar to our current host populations' DNA, and that with the right equipment and people altering it to make them compatible with us would be a fairly simple process.
"Unfortunately, the best person we know of is dead in this universe. Our spies reported that her counterpart in your universe followed a remarkably similar path through life to ours, ours was just unlucky. So, what do you say? Will you help your fellow symbionts protect their way of life? All you would need to do is track down a single Bajoran by the name of Miranda Dubort."

Jinx tapped a few buttons on her console as she considered what her mirror counterpart had said. As she opened her mouth to reply, a single word appeared on the console - Acknowledged.

"Miranda? I know her well. We were at Starfleet Academy together. What happened to her in your universe?"
"One of us encountered her on Bajor, and had her brought to Trill to help with some of the genetic experiments. It was her that gave us the idea of using the Terrans as hosts."

Jinx kept tapping as she listened to her mirror counterpart's explanation. Another 'Acknowledged' appeared on her screen.

"In this universe, Miranda is now a Captain in her own right, and she is never too far from Trill. How would I contact you once I had her?"
"You wouldn't need to. We would contact you."

Tap. Tap. Tap.

"Hmm, if you can detect an apparent casual meeting between two ships, you certainly don't need me to find her. Now, are you going to tell me what is really going on, or do I destroy you now?"

'Ready' flashed up on her console, closely followed by a few more lines stating the same thing.

"Destroy me? Why would you do that? It would be suicide. You'd be killing yourself. All we need is Miranda Dubort, and you can go back to your old memories and your precious Federation."
"No deal. Engage."

The silent orders the ship had been ferrying from console to console meant the crew knew exactly what they were doing. Within seconds, the ship had fully charged shields and weapons, and had come about to face an apparently empty patch of space.

"Fire." Jinx ordered.

There was an explosion about 5km off the Nightingale's prow. The viewscreen went dead.

"Captain," it was Vranlek. "Do you not agree that it was foolish of them to use their cloak at the same frequency we use ours? It made detecting them very easy."

Jinx ignored the question, instead turning to Henriette, her security officer, and the only member of her crew that knew her from her Academy days.

"It's hard to believe, Henri, that we could fall so low. Symbionts, taking slaves as hosts, and hosts as slaves."

"I know, Jinx. You've always struck me as one of the more honourable species in this crazy galaxy, "Henriette gave her a rather subdued grin, "Still, it was an opportunity to lose Miranda, and you go and screw it up... Again. Honestly."

Jinx shook her head, amused by Henriette's comment, but dismayed that even in a mirror universe, symbionts could consider such deeds, before turning her thoughts to the report she had to prepare for both Trill and Starfleet.

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