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Originally Posted by happymarvin View Post
If you proved him wrong why did you ignore Screenshot 3, which clearly shows a blue glue, without warp being involved?
I don't really care about glow/no glow to be honest. I've watched Star Trek since 1968 and there was never any blue glow on the ship when I was watching it.

This is the point I am disagreeing with.

Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
You get a bunch of Star Trek fans, show them that picture and the first thing in their minds is "Vulcan Ship" because of that Warp Ring.
There have been several Trek fans who replied to this post who said they see it as a Federation ship, so his statement is wrong. Rather than agreeing to disagree, he turned the conversation toward whether or not there is a glow or not on remastered versions of the films etc. He can try deflecting the conversation with ad hominems, appeals to ignorance, straw man and slippery slope fallacies all he likes. Bottom line is saying Trek fans would not see the ship as anything other than Vulcan is not correct and has been proven, regardless of warp glow or not.
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Anyone calling Valoreah a "Cryptic fanboy" must be new to the forum.