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01-24-2013, 05:52 AM
Dread Bug...vs Vo'quv and Kar'Fi (not comparing the Mirror nor Fleet Vo'quv):


Shield Modifier


+1 Fore


+2 Tac, +1 Eng, -2 Sci
+1 Tac, +2 Eng, -2 Sci

Turn Rate

Impulse Modifier


+10 Weapon
+5 Aux

Has Subsystem Targeting like the Vo'quv. Only one of the three that can equip Bug pets if you've got a Bug. Kar'Fi has the PSG console. Dread Bug has the DCI console and can use the Heavy Bug's DCP console (which means the 2pc bonus if both are used).

Okay then, so how about those BOFF layouts?


While it's not as simple as just a "count" of abilities, it obviously stands out how the Dread Bug compares to the other two in regard to Sci abilities. EN plus possible LT vs. CMDR LT/CMDR EN. You'd be looking at either comparing a CMDR slot to an EN or LT slot. Yeah, Sci is not the Dread Bug's thing. That's also reflected in having 2 fewer Sci consoles than either the Vo'quv or Kar'Fi.

It picks up that CMDR level ability over both of them (and that Tac'ness is reflected in the 4/3 weapons as well as the +2/+1 Tac consoles). Compared to the Vo'quv, it also has the additional LT Tac slot.

Like the Tac angle, the Dread Bug has +1 Eng console compared to the Vo'quv and +2 Eng consoles compared to the Kar'Fi. The option exists to use that LT Uni as another Eng slot over the Vo'quv, while even at base it has the LCDR level ability over the Kar'Fi (with the option of using that LT Uni still).

You can't think of the Dread Bug like you would the Vo'quv or the Kar'Fi. That change in Sci is...a big change. First off, there's no GW/PSW/VM. Then, there's no "3" of any Sci ability. CPB, ES, FBP, PO, TBR, SS. and TR are all limited to "1" if you were to take them.

Meanwhile, looking at the CMDR Tac - you're not looking at any abilities you couldn't take - just "2" and "3" of abilities you could. You gain access to APO2/3, and "3" for APB, APD, CRF, CSV, and DPB.

Compared to the Kar'Fi, the LCDR Eng slot gives you access to AB1 and EWP1 (as well as "2" and "3" for various other abilities).

Yep, it's basically a somewhat tanky "Escort" BOFF layout...on a ship with a turn of 6. Which is why, imho, there have been the comments about it being a PvE boat and a PvP failboat. Without the Sci goodies, that extra hull's not going to mean much as somebody chews through that extra hull in the blink of an eye. PvE on the other hand, I can see it being fun.

Heck, I'd still fly it in PvP if I ever picked it up - but I do flaky things like that. Sometimes it works - sometimes it doesn't. Heh, think about how much hull you could still have when hitting GDF at 50% or's already fun to do that in a Vo'qvu - can picture that with the two additional Tac consoles as well as an APO3 instead of an APO1, etc, etc, etc.
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