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01-24-2013, 06:11 AM
Originally Posted by branmakmorrn View Post
Meh, Just eject a warp core in its general direction.
Works every time.
Wait... Ejecting the warp core works for everyTHING, too....

They try but you gotta be a super noob to fall for that especially since most people are cloaked in pvp are using some kind of bop which is usually using some kind of hyper impulse or use engine battery + evasive and they got no chance at decloaking with that.

Reminds me too for us with the little torpedo thingy we get its utterly useless because we don't really have much use for using something that only goes after klingon cloaked ships much less KDF sci's have sensor scan but yet its utterly useless for decloaking because we don't really fight anything that cloaks lol. So its easy to see the fed toons always are getting the better deal.