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Nom Nom Nom.

Such tasty and useful info from "antoniosalieri."

When someone asks about weapon mods, I will point them to this thread.
It would be, if it was all true. But it isn't. There is a point where adding extra crit h isn't as valuable as adding crit d. Really hard to avoid that.

Oh, no it isn't. All you have to do is use absurdly low Crit H numbers and say "hey look crit h rules the roost."

And then you'd be right of course because in the prescence of zero crit, one percent crit is king! And things slowly begin to change as you climb up that ladder.

Even Acc HAS a value. That value just degrades far faster than the value of crit because it works in conjunction with def. Crit H is slower to degrade, but it does. You can reach a point where adding a percentage of crit won't be as valuable as adding x damage to all your current crits. And that's it. You don't look at 3 shots. You don't look at the damage crit d adds to one crit and say "oh hey thats not worth it".

Remember you're looking at incremental damage here. You aren't comparing between a miss and a crit. You're comparing only the incremental damage between hits and crits. So a drop in crit rate doesn't mean we lost ALL the damage from the shot. It is still a normal hit. When we add in crit d we add in damge to all of our crits. See how that sorta stacks up? Crit H doesn't increase your chance to gain a hit, it increases the conversion rate of hits to crits.

Oh and there's something else you look at. You look at what the OP was asking about in the OP. And that would be BO3 and some torps. Yah, you get Crit D. You get crit d because you won't ever get enough Crit H on weps for him to notice a difference in that ONE shot. You don't need a really powerful parser to measure the change it makes in ONE shot. See how easy that is when we stick to the topic?

Crit D.
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