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The irony of this is that after the lockbox was announced, and the inevitable (yes it's inevitable, time to harden up a bit) launch of the next cross-faction console - there have been 2 threads already in the KDF subforums complaining about it and not even a blip on the radar anywhere else.

I get criticized for posting against the grain like this but the truth is I try not to read the KDF subforums at all at this point because it makes me not want to play my KDF characters.
There were some Canon Fed threads during the speculation period. Bio-Neural simply doesn't make sense for the Federation in the sense of what it is. Even though I figured it would be Bio/Nadeon after the changes to Nadeon - with that I still figured they'd have to retool the description of the Bio-Neural before giving it to the Feds.

Still, there have been a few discussions about it. Feds complaining that they got Bio while the KDF got Nadeon. KDF complaining that they got Nadeon while the Feds got Bio. Each thinking the other got the better's kind of funny, eh?

Like having two kids, siblings - one that likes chocolate and one that likes strawberry ice cream. Give the strawberry to the chocolate kid and chocolate to the strawberry kid, they're both going to complain. Might as well be Ford v Chevy, AMD v Intel, etc, etc, etc.
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