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01-24-2013, 06:52 AM
Originally Posted by captainhunter1 View Post
Maybe then folks will say, "You know, I actually enjoyed the last two hours 'grinding' this mission - what a great story!"
This is perhaps the biggest flaw with the storyline missions in the Foundry right now. I love storyline missions; they are the primary reason I play any game.

However, my playtime is often limited, so when I see "estimated playtime 2-3 hours" I often avoid those missions. I can't guarantee that much time in a single sitting.

Now, a mission *arc* that takes two or three hours is great! But a single mission, not so much. There's a reason why even the better storyline missions in dev content are broken up into 30-60 minute episodes. It gives players far more freedom in how they consume the content (one large block of time to play the whole arc or breaking the story into smaller chunks as time allows).

I've played a number of Foundry missions where the author treats it like a novel and tries to cram in a ton of backstory with a lot of narrative in multiple screens of scrolling text. The problem is, while that level of backstory may work in a novel, it's usually interspersed throughout a given book instead of handed to the reader all at once. In Foundry missions, we don't have that luxury, so it gets shoveled at the player in one huge gulp. This can bog down the story even for those of use who want indepth storylines.

Why? Because story players want to be engaged. They want to *participate* in the story, not just read it. MMO stories need to engage the player with *both* text and activity. A lot of text does not in itself make a good story in a game. It's a combination of text and activities (not just fighting) that does the trick.

The players need to feel like they are an integral part of the story, not just a spectator.