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01-24-2013, 06:57 AM
Originally Posted by richarddover View Post
- transporter taking you to shipyard instead of first city
Not an issue for me anymore
- STF ground gear set abilties being unslotted from toolbar
Not an issue for me anymore
- camera view randomly being changed from free camera to follow target
Not an issue for me anymore
- Ruberbanding NPCs in kerrat
Not an issue for me anymore
- Not able to change instance in kerrat
Never been an issue for me

One can argue that if it works properly for some, the problem must be user-based. Otherwise it would impact everyone.
No, you can't argue that. You said it right there: it works properly for some. You must be among the oh-so-lucky ones who never get the same bugs as everyone else. Good for you.

I for one get every single bug listed there on a daily basis --some have been like that for A YEAR now-- and I am positively sure that the problem is not on my end or "user-based", since several of my friends and fleet mates have those exact same problems, not to mention all the people complaining about it everyday in zone chat.

So just because it doesn't affect YOU doesn't mean it's not a real game-based issue.
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