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01-24-2013, 06:58 AM
Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
well.... at least you guys know that your patchnotes are disappointingly short.

dStahl says: 50 people working for Cryptic's STO team now.
patchnotes: look more like ... maybe 3 Devs bothered to work this week.

i know, i know not everybody is fixing stuff all the time and working on the next big thing on the schedule instead, but maybe exactly that is the problem.

MMOs are by nature "work in progress" games, yet the patchnotes do not feel like any decent progress is made.
And i get that feeling regularly because i hate to say it the length of last weeks patchnotes are the exception, these 4 liners are a lot more common.

I want to see Patchnotes like last weeks ...lets just say, more often?

There are too many bugs still left after Season 6 + 7 to let any week go by with 4 liner Patchnotes.
I don't expect the whole team to work on bugfixing and polish... but lets try to make 15 liner Patchnotes more often hmm?
I agree with this.

If they keep up the feature creep without actually fixing the existing ones their program will, sooner or later, be irreparably messed up.
It's something that has killed quite a few MMOs.

He's dead, Jim.