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01-24-2013, 08:13 AM
Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
Funny I use DHC on a Voquv and on a Bortasqu all the time in elite STFs. I even guarded the kang with a 4DHC 4 turret bort once just to prove it can be done. It doesn't work to good in pvp though but I did try it a few times and ended up 3rd in damage and kills, not as much as if I would have used beams or single cannons on it, but it still worked. With the right spec, gear, doffs and piloting skill its quite manageble in pve. Soloing cubes on elite is very easy with a DHC bortas to.

This new jem dreadnought will be great in pve with DHC, and will do somewhat ok in pvp using single cannons or beams, but its main failingin pvp is that a ship that turns that slow kind of needs more heals like a bortas has.
I've used a DHC based Recluse carrier for months, so i know how it works and what's the flaw of such a build. With such a ship you will be fine in STFs most of the times. But considering that PvE = STF is a major confusion.

My DHC recluse, in spite of tremendous hold & repel abilities with a sci cmdr boff, had difficulties with fast and mobile targets, and since the Borg content is now done, considering Cryptic doesn't plan to add more, we'll see various enemies and all of them have those damn frigates/escorts you can barely get in your firing arc. Don't even dream of CSV on such ships, even if it's a mandatory cannon skill in many fleetmark instances. Don't even dream of a meaningful APO III either.

To compete in these instances, i had to use all my piloting abilities, it was far from being perfect and efficient, and if it was hard for me i know most players won't be able to do it. Not that they are stupid but i see i'm a good player. No ship with a Cmdr boff should have such a small turnrate because it's not player-friendly at all and because it will be extremely frustrating to fly on the long run. It's not even a ship for good players, it's just terrible as it is and something no one should ever fly because of the awful but expectable outcome.