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01-24-2013, 07:14 AM
I am kind of disappointed. STO seems to have more of the computer nerd vib to it and I have met a ton of nerds in game that always give me good advice on computer stuff like processors and the like. That being said...does anyone not think that maybe they are doing more than just sticking a patch on a game? There is always hardware maintenance. Maybe they are swapping out backup servers or switching to another server all together. Maybe there is some other sort of delay built in.

Could also be that they are asked by the money men to get the patch ready as it wasn't before so to give themselves more time, they decided to do an "extended maintenance."

Even so, I would rather they take the 5 hours now if needed than to have the server die on us later in the day because they felt rushed on completing something that wasn't done correctly.

And when I say nerd, I mean "your pocket protector turns me on."

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