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01-24-2013, 08:18 AM
kdf does have a ligitamet right to complane. the remaining consoles to be cross factioned have no real use for kdf. PSW? i had completey forgot that it existed until i saw the notes because of its lack of use. never seen anyone ever use the grappler ever, the seeker torp it practically useless to the kdf since only 2 fed ships have cloaks and there are far easier ways to disable engins. any more cross faction consoles will only hurt the kdf while taking away the unique gear for them. as for the leach? if feds get that it will be worse than the kdf because every fed will use it to get back at the kdf and the whole game will be one giant power suckfest.

it is my opinion that more cross faction consoles will kill or severely harm the kdf an already small and limited faction in terms of ship versatility due to the feds larger number of ships and player base