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Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
I do have to say one more thing. It takes me an extraordinary amount of time to make my missions. In fact, I doubt there are many other authors who have devoted as much time to any specific mission as I have.

I want to make it clear that this isn't about ego or anything like that, but simply a matter of logic. To justify the time I spend, I feel I absolutely need to get at least five hundred plays on my missions-- and that's borderline, at least a thousand would be better.

I do enjoy making my missions, but the fact is, I'm not getting paid for it, and I'm not getting any notoriety in real life or anything like that. There are other creative pursuits I can devote my time to, which arguably would be more worthwhile. So, just as a simple matter of fact, if the grinders dominating the list mean my next mission struggles to get plays, I will have to seriously reconsider whether I should devote any more time to the Foundry.
I guess it's a matter of perspective and why you develop the missions. When I wrote missions for the Mission Architect in CoH, I never received a lot of reviews compared to the major authors. This was in part because I didn't advertise them on the forums, nor was I a part of an Architect site or group.

For the most part, I wrote content I wanted to play, often with my wife and daughter. Family and friends played my missions quite often (but of course could only rate once). If others played and enjoyed them, that was icing on the cake.

The same will be true when I take the plunge Foundry authoring, except that I will most likely participate more in the forums. The toolset is more complex, so tips and tricks will be appreciated, and the storytelling capability in Foundry far outstrips the MA. Feedback will be welcome.