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01-24-2013, 08:25 AM
Originally Posted by andoriansrus View Post
and now that the cat is out of the bag on this all I'm seeing in PVP is Recluse Carriers with Scorpions........

how is this not broken when no other carrier has the ability to have a comparable compliment of fighters.... if this is something they plan to keep around then ALL carriers and ships with hangars should have the capacity of ALL pets improved tro the same level of deployment... Vestas, Armatages, Vo'Quv, Kar'Fi, Orion, Atrox all of them... total of 12 fighters and or 8 shuttles/BoPs per hangar...... for ALL ships that can launch fighters or shuttles.... BUT at one time the carriers could deploy 3 wings of fighters or Shuttles but it got tuned back because people complained about all of the spam..... so they really need to fix this Recluse-Scorpion Problem and quickly.... its already getting out of hand.... Im seeing this broken combination in PVP AND in STF's.... it needs fixed and it needs fixed yesterday
IMO dedicated carriers should be capable of this, as the recluse, but hybrids should not. I am a huge fan of the hybrid carriers dont get me wrong, but with a dedicated carrier you basically give up one front weapon slot, basically your turning capability, and you get some hull plus one more hangarbay... even though I love the idea of the full on carriers, I just do not feel the need, to use one, as a hybrid carrier is simply better for allaround purposes.