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01-24-2013, 08:30 AM
If you are playing an Armitage, I'd say max the Romulan reputation ASAP. You'll have ultra rare fighters, and a nice space set (the beam/console/torp set). Also, access to nice ground guns, which will include later the flamethrower.
The borg reputation is good, but you'll have less "goodies". It's the most interesting for the ship shield/space set, or the ground armor set. But the ground armor is best when used in STF, so I think it's weird to max a reputation, only to have an armor to do what we just did.
Also, the Omega gear is damn expensive. About 750-1K mark per Mk XII.

You may want to have romulan 5, and omega 3. You'll have MkX space set, and Mk XI ground set.