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01-24-2013, 08:30 AM
[quoteAnd if you say you have problems with a cruiser against a normal cube, then your built is... well just wrong wrong wrong.[/quote]

Either there is something wrong with my english or your reading. I said that cruiser and sci got most damage when it was ship vs cube without healing. DPS and native defence (speed tanking) of an escort were better "defense" then additional hull/shield regen of cruiser and sci.

In point 2 it was "use the ship as good as I can" with "all tactics allowed" (including running and regenerating) while trying to kill as many Borg as fast as possible. Ok, it was sci/cruiser not eng/cruiser but still cruiser due to lack of manoeuvrability got the wors of it when it ended in the middle of Borg ball. Could not manoeuver fast enough and leave engagement and got blown to bits. Sci was better due to manoeuvrability and ability to outregenerate shield strippers (yeah, TSS3 with Energy Siphon blows) but was unable to kill the Borg fast enough. Again escort DPS and speed were the best offense - it was able to engage and disengage at will without any problems and able to keep itself alive with it.

And mind it that I was testing RA1 in Mirror Star Cruiser, not VA in sci Odyssey. And yeah, it was most likely not the best test ever, but it was, I think, how your common folk feels the ships when it comes to possibilities and endresult of PvE engagements with escort vs cruiser.