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01-24-2013, 07:33 AM
I own a Vesta and think this is a bad idea. The Vesta has its advantage, being able to draw weapons power from to sources. This allows less weapons drain. I take aggro from a lot of escort, except the really well built one, all thie time. I believe it is because my weapons draw from two sources, with less drop in power this allows the weapons to do more damage. Where I make up the difference against most escort is running 125 in aux, allows you to do more damage with gravity wells, more time against energy syphon, and and also it effect you damage resistance from some of a science captains abilities, why would you want to take the damage away from your GW? I also love healing 1400 hp Per second HE. I free with some of the other if you want them you can have them, but I want use them.