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01-24-2013, 07:38 AM
I.S.S. prefix is optional. You have to physically choose that option when renaming your ship upon purchase/opening of the lockbox.

I do think it is odd that, say, blue phasers from the actual TOS connie are upgradable (albeit up until Tier 4 I believe) but a ship purchased directly from the c-store for good money is not. I purchased the TOS Connie and the Exeter PRIOR to my understanding how the game actually worked in its entirety (never played an MMO until STO). I do NOT regret the decision(s) of course because I enjoyed the product. However, like a real plastic model purchased from a hobby shop, both of these ships sit unused (in the c-store waiting to be claimed again) now waiting for the day I decide to start a new Fed character and in doing so, probably hoping I take my sweet time to play said carahacter otherwise they will become obsolete too quickly as I Tier up.

I wonder how nice the Enterprise C will be? Looks like it may be as sluggish as the Galaxy unfortunately... but that is speculation.
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