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I am kind of disappointed. STO seems to have more of the computer nerd vib to it and I have met a ton of nerds in game that always give me good advice on computer stuff like processors and the like. That being said...does anyone not think that maybe they are doing more than just sticking a patch on a game? There is always hardware maintenance. Maybe they are swapping out backup servers or switching to another server all together. Maybe there is some other sort of delay built in.
If my past experiences are any indication, Cryptic's process may be similar to the following:
(1) Check server hard drives for red indicator lights.
(2) Shutdown 1: Replace malfunctioning HDDs.
(3) Restart 1.
(4) Partition & Format New Drives.
(5) Upload: Latest Image of STO onto new drives.
(6) Upload: New patch updates from secondary server or hard drive.
(7) Upload: New patch that addresses certain software stability issues.
(8) Shutdown 2: Let RAM memory clear for twenty to thirty minutes.
(9) Restart 2
(10) Check server hard drives for red indicator lights.
(11) Address any other issues.
(12) Restart 3
(13) Reconnect server.

Some other 'possible' issues that may be affected by these servers:
(1) Network issues.
(2) In-house email account issues.
(3) Motherboard issues.
(4) Power supply issues.
(5) HDD Defragmentation
(6) HDD Surface scans - Can take up to an hour for each drive.
(7) System cooling issues.
(8) Installing new drivers.
(9) Reset Back Up Time slots
(10) Database issues.

When most people think of a server, the image they have is one computer with a few drives. "Star Trek: Online" sits on a server with a few hundred drives, which fills up a medium to large sized room. Depending upon how many hard-drives they have, the restarting, patching, and maintenance time can be a little long.

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