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01-24-2013, 08:01 AM
Originally Posted by eradicator84 View Post
I was meaning for cruiser captains when applying APD to OTHER players. Applying to yourself is great, extra threat, but applying it to other ships when you're the tank?? mmm

I just don't think there will ever be a reason to put APD on someone else in any PvE situation.

1) It's only a hull resist boost, not a heal.
2) A Cruiser tank with threat, and these doffs, and APD, and any kind of BO/BFAW/HYT/TS/etc is probably going to be able to yank threat back onto themselves at which point you want the resist buff on yourself in the first place.

Tossing APD on others is really just a waste of time, and this doff will turn it into an activatable taunt clicky of sorts.

You don't need to control or reduce other player's threat.

They can do that themselves with -threat control consoles, or you can simply out-threat them with a combo of items (Fleet Deflectors, Embassy consoles, Threat Control skill, APD-Taunt DOFFs) - and in some situations you might have a combination of the two.

Originally Posted by mightybobcnc View Post
Honestly Bort, I wish the equip limit was tied to power, not specialization.
Being tied to Dept forces players to make trade offs, otherwise I could equip 2x Attack Pattern DOFFs and 3x Evasive Maneuvers DOFFs for a total of 5 Conn officers.

Now if you want to argue that it makes no sense that you can only slot 1 astrometrics scientist because being able to transwarp faster and collect more particle traces are far from any realistic game balance concerns - that's a different story.