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01-24-2013, 08:05 AM
Not sure if this would be Short Term or whatever. And maybe it has been covered in another post, sorry but I haven't read every post in this very long thread.


My idea relates to Boff skills for space.

Players that use Escort ships or any other ship that is able to use Cannons as weapons are very limited when it comes to Tactical Boff skills that can be trained at the Ensign and Lieutenant levels.

Ensign has: Multiple (5-6) Beam weapons skills. 2 Projectile skills, and Tactical team I.

Lieutenant has: The same as Ensign but one skill level higher, ie: Tactical team II.

Personally, I use energy weapons only, on my escort. And I have 2 Tactical Boffs. One Commander and One Lieutenant.

The way the skills are setup now, I'm forced to do one of 2 things:
1) Use torpedos even though I don't want to and my character is not trained for projectiles.

2) Have 2 Tactical Boffs trained for Tactical Team I.

Maybe I'm not explaining this very well, and I'm not in game looking at my skills as I post this, but all I'm really suggesting is this.

Add some skills at the Ensign and Lieutenant levels that are for Cannons!!

Examples: Cannon Rapid Fire I, Cannon Target Weapons, Cannon Target Shields, Cannon Scatter Volley etc......

Just an idea.