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01-24-2013, 08:06 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Actually, my hope is that this will end the demise of beams, in that they give us some kind of "beam rapid fire" power or improve beams (or nerf cannons) in some other way soon.
I'd actually be fine with beams and cannons doing more comparable damage... IF cannons did substantially less threat and beams did substantially more.

Another thought might be if weapon types had a "Morale" passive tossed in. Your beam attacks might have a chance to increase rate of repair for your systems. Your cannon attacks might provide you with stacking turnrate buffs.

It's a somewhat tenuous idea from a roleplay perspective (again, unless you just think of it as your attacks influencing crew morale aboard the ship) but it would help give each weapon type a better defined role.

And with some of this, you could definitely play a Dreadnaught viably.

Imagine each cannon you have equipped added a stacking turnrate buff. And each beam added a stacking defensive bonus.

By putting more of the stats on the weapons, you'd have weapon type indicate and reflect playstyle more.

When you see beams, you think, "Tank/Control." When you see cannons, you'd think "Maneuverable DPS." And it would be true because equipping those weapons would make it true.