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01-24-2013, 08:07 AM
I tried them and used them on my Armitage and with a rom plasma built they wail. I was surprised when I did Kase and everything got killed so fast. Definitly love them and seriously can't wait to see what elite peregrine and others will be able to do.

Dangerous pets I don't see any problems with them Other than spamming too much on recluse those are great pets and should stay as is, they are elite so they should do lots of damage.

But of course, as happen way too much lately, pvper will cry OP and demand a nerf. Well you have to adapt and overcome, nobody said nerf escort they do stupid amount of damage (well some do..), you change your built and tactics to overcome the problem, do the same for pets.

So to answer OP question, I definitly recommend them
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