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01-24-2013, 08:10 AM
I've always said it was a balancing thing, a rationalization of sorts if one will... the KDF got the better consoles because the Feds got the better ships. It's how Cryptic went around "trying" to balance things as well as trying to sell more things.

If the Feds maintain the better ships while also picking up the better consoles, it's not hard to see where the KDF would

Perhaps above and beyond just the consoles being crossfaction - the consoles should have had ship modifiers applied to them.

Say you have a Better Ship with a Worse Console.
And you have a Worse Ship with a Better Console.

The Better Console on the Better Ship would be Worse than the Better Console on the Worse Ship.

The Worse Console on the Worse Ship would be Better than the Worse Console on the Better Ship.

That sort of thing, eh?
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