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01-24-2013, 09:30 AM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
That's just laziness on Cryptic's part. All they needed to do was change the flavor text.

The Bio-neural warhead doesn't even come from any Klingon source in canon so I don't even believe it makes sense for Klingons as they were presented in the shows.

It's only this game where the KDF has been made into some bizarre evil monster race where things like the Bio-neural warhead and plasmonic leech suddenly make sense (although some factions of Klingon houses in the shows/movies seem ready to stoop to the level of using weapons like this, it never seemed like that was a universal trait across all Klingons)

You can't have both, either you are getting the short end of the stick and trading your awesome consoles for the relatively crappier Fed consoles or you are not losing anything because apparently KDF doesn't have better toy consoles (paraphrasing what other posters sometimes say).

So which is it? Does the KDF have clearly better toy consoles that they are "losing" or do they not?

right now both sides got good consoles in the box trades but from now on feds could get great consoles while kdf will get what i understand are crap consoles by most players. kdf should have better(not op) stuff since they have less to use it on