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01-24-2013, 08:42 AM
When I first started playing this game a year ago, someone from the forums, went by Vizmu, who had represented themselves as a veteran PvPer. They went on to say that they tested the different modifier types with their fleet and friends, and they determined that CrtD edged out everything else in damage. Keep in mind, this was when the highest critical hit rate you could get without the weapon modifiers was just under 5% passive. I had no reason to distrust them and followed their advice.

At the time, he recommended Antiproton DHCs MK XI [crtd]x2 [dmg] as they were the cheapest and gave 70% critical severity.

I now have Phaser MK DHCs XII [crtd]x3, giving me the same critical severity, higher base damage, and the phaser proc.

Before Season 6, it seemed like CrtH would be a close contender to CrtD, because you could do double the amount critical hits with a [crth]x3. Even still, I stuck with CrtD and was still a top contributor in PvP and STF. Post-Season 6, it's much easier to get your critical hit above 10% (I currently have 14.7% with Assimilated Module, Tachyokinetic Converter, and 3x Romulan Tactical BOFFs). At this point 6% isn't even half of what my critical hit is now. If I were to go with CrtH now, I'd get about 20.7%....or, basically, 2 critical hits every 10 shots, versus 1.5 critical hits every 10 shots. Where as, my [CrtD]x3 gives me 60% (70% - 10% for it being a DHC) more critical severity than someone with [CrtH]x3 per critical hit (almost double the passive critical severity). With only getting .5 more critical hits every 10 shots, [crtd]x3 will pull off more damage in the long run.

As for [acc]x3, my fleet mates and I tested a single phaser [acc]x3 and [crth]x3 turret. Against my 80% defense here are the results we found (in 500-1000 shots, no buffs):
1) ACCx3 had 80% accuracy, and had 150 DPS
2) CrtHx3 had 60% accuracy, and had 160 DPS
The CrtHx3 had more DPS despite getting 20% less hits in. One could argue, that if a target was not moving, ACCx3 would get overflow critical hits and severity. While that is true, the accuracy of CrtHx3 would also go up in a similar situation, giving more hits, more critical hits, and more DPS.

In another test, I wanted to see what the accuracy was on my DHC [crtd]x3. Against another fleet mate's 81% defense, I hit him ~80% with no buffs. [acc]x3 is simply not needed for DHCs.

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