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PS. Why do these people also que without any re-modulators integrated?

When I signed into the game yesterday, I went into an elite ground stf with four other players. All four players were from the same fleet. As we moved through Khitomer's hallways, the other four players chatted on the microphone system. Every time we hit a new wave of Borg, each of the other players would die in sequence. I laughed so hard that it made me cry. *pew pew pew pew* *dead dead dead dead* If I did not know any better, I would have thought I was on a comedy show. Instead of getting upset with my situation, I decided to hang in for the long haul.

Once we got down to the three level section, containing the six nodes, the entire stf suddenly went into a tailspin. As I was fighting off the Borg, the other four members went into the control room. *sigh* After I finally convinced everyone to help, we managed to clear all the Borg. *phew* We talked for a few moments in the chat box, and the other four reveled they never played an stf before. So, I explained the whole process, and took off to the control room.

While in the control room, I lowered the first shield, raced to the node, killed the Borg, and extended the shields. Great, right? Not so fast. Even though I managed to extend the shield's downtime, the other four players took off to the next node. Instead of blowing up the exposed node, the other four players decided to move to the next one. *sigh* So, I tried to explain the process again, but the other four were too busy chatting on the microphone. So, I left my very first stf prematurely.

Within a few moments of leaving the stf, I decided to quickly enter another one. Guess what? We managed to do everything with four minutes to spare. *phew*

Moral of the story is that I am not upset. Regardless about how bad the first run went, I was still able to walk away laughing, crying, and happy. It was a blast.

Sometimes you just have to laugh it off.

Interesting fact: 90% of the 'ground pick up groups' I enter into are successful. If you approach people with patience, while laughing at the blotches, everyone walks away feeling rewarded and encouraged. I have had so much fun while playing pick up groups. Even though I had times where my patience was tested, I still managed to coach and teach new players. I have also learned a thing or two from veteran players.

Do not get me started on those KDF stf players. As a result of enjoying several 'pick up groups' with KDF players, I have: (1) created and used my KDF within stfs, and (2) started to wear my Klingon sash on my Fed avatar. I love you guys and gals.

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