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Originally Posted by cidstorm View Post
He still does not mention bringing any mothballed or recruit ships, which was the main point.
Please point me to the line, or scene where the Admiral describes every ship type, name, and disposition of every ship in the fleet? Your main point was we knew exactly where these ships came from, which is patently false.

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Despite his promise to send everything, three ships remain at mars to be destroyed by one disrupter bolt each. His statement was empty, and some more people might have survived if it wasn't. I ask again why fully functional combat ships were not sent while a supposed museum ship was?
Single man fighters that we already know exist from Crusher's academy experience

Originally Posted by cidstorm View Post
Finally, I ask if you can provide a single confirmed case of museum ships or cadets being purposely sent into combat. If you cannot, I think we can finally put this case to rest.
Paradise Lost, DS9 S4E12 - SISKO: Three hours later Starfleet Command issued an order assigning the entire Corps of Cadets to field duty.

Is every cadet at the Academy enough for you? You can argue they didn't actually fight, but at this time they were fully expecting a full scale invasion at any time.  1341951426

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