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01-24-2013, 09:29 AM
patch details are fake!

The patch is taking long because they added Jemhadar stuff...


fix KDF.
fix FED.

- my tier 4 diplomacy boff costume for kdf caracter cant be customised .. at all
will it generate revenue if you fix it? - no!

- the nebulas and exploration clusters area is small, i have to draw spirals arround them to be able to warp to them - (for example hromi cluster!) - generates revenue? hmm, maybe!

- my torps cooldowns for plasma, photon, and usually small rapid firing torps on autofire will sometimes cycle and do a small loop animation infront of my ship..major dps hole! revenue? no!

- when you check the department heads assignments the speed is set to 0 in sector space!

- all stf missions are useless asside from infected space, increase the rewards for the less visited ones..

- when you want to change from uniform to maco, or formalwear, or whatever, it resets the head :-p

- the game looks less and less like actual startrek lately, turn the volume down on micromanagement, or just respect that federation never considered to use bio neural warheads, they were explorers, and klingons really hated ferenghi!! :-p