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01-24-2013, 10:30 AM
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I have 4x mkXI DHC with accx3 (polaron mk XII dhc are almost non existent on exchange) and 3 turrets mk XII accx3 on my bug ship.I tried my best to get the most dps out of the ship and crtH rate ( my toon has no space accurate or elusive trait ...was a noob 3 years ago).I spent alot of ec to get the best damage I could and now reading this thread Im almost disappointed and I feel like I wasted few hundred millions ec.I too noticed that accx3 delivers less damage in PvE compared to any other DHC (I dont know how much is the difference in PvP because on damage Im always first no matter what DHC I use ).
PvP and PvE are different animals.

For PvP Accx3 isn't bad if you don't build you ships w/TB or other defense debuffs (particularly if you PuG) and you like to maintain high pressure damage (which has its uses). It also helps if you like dogfighting and can maintain a quality defense cycle, so you outgrind an opponent.

It's just the crit modifiers help spike in a short window.