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# 143 Quality over content, please
01-24-2013, 09:58 AM
Let me say before I rant that STO is probably the best game in existence, and that Cryptic has done a magnificent job keeping the game updated and fun. We players are picky and demanding, yet Bran and the entire team work tirelessly to improve our experience and meet community requests (and demands). And they make cool new content, often, while somehow maintaining in-game F2P/P2W balance--an impressive feat.

That being said, there are bugs, glitches and gameplay issues that seem to have sunk into the depths of the forum but were never actually fixed. And some recent issues, too. I know many will disagree with me here, believing new content is the top priority. And I agree it is vital to the success of the game.

But I say the dev team take a 'moment' to truly polish the game. Dive into the forums and investigate. Listen to the concerns. Truly fix what exists here and now.

-Terradome? Still gives no unique/endgame reward. Awesome stf-style patrol concept, though.
-Borg cutting beams (player weapon & NPC/gates) are still invisible.
-Tractor beams don't keep things from cloaking.
-Space-buffs remain visible to enemies, even under a combat cloak.
-Completed Red Alerts invite new participants.
-Carriers have huge crews but weak base hull repair?
-A tac ensign boff slot: useless. No t5 ship should feel second class.

These kinds of things. They're prob quick fixes because Cryptic has fixed quite a lot at this point, to their credit. (Thank you for fixing Leadership trait!!!) Maybe just one patch could do it. I just want a successful/profitable Season 8/9/10/11/12/13+ for Cryptic/PWE.

Catching up on gameplay issues will keep the game relevant and legendary. A game as epic as Star Trek Online simply cannot have known issues remain or unplayable or illogically useless (ensign tac boff slot, ugh).

It's a legendary-level game by nature, with a loyal Trek+Gamer fanbase. Focus on polishing it up for just a little bit. Then boldly move into new content we can all focus on together.

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