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01-24-2013, 09:58 AM
For what it's worth, I thought I would pitch my two cents into this conversation as someone who has used the foundry for both story and grind missions. I admire those of you who author well thought out and beautifully put together missions and I can't even begin to imagine the frustrations you experience when looking at the "Hot" list on the foundry menu. That said (hang in there with me), lately the majority of foundry missions I've been playing are the grind missions and Battleship Royale Rumble. Usually these are the only missions I will do when I have an hour or two after work during the week to play; saving the 1 hour plus "foundry story missions" (for lack of a better term) for the weekends when I have more time to play.

The sole reason for this is: Fleet Marks

In all honestly I don't care about the dilithum that comes from the IOR wrapper, nor do I care about loot drops as both can be acquired outside the foundry.

Fact of the matter is the demands of the fleet starbase project are heavily influencing what missions I play. I'm in a small fleet, and we're hurting for fleet marks. The IOR mission is the most efficient way to get them. As a result, I try to maximize my efficiency by playing the grind missions during the week as they complete within the 30 minute window before I can pick up IOR again, repeat, and go cross eyed because this gets mind-numbingly boring.

In my opinion, the grind mission "problem" (again, lack of a better word) could be easily tackled if Cryptic would address the fleet mark issue. There just isn't a way to earn enough currently without using the IOR mission. The fleet event missions barely pay out anything; yes you can actually earn a decent haul in the 20-person Starbase mission, but you have better odds of winning the lottery than having that happen. Perhaps the community of foundry authors here could lobby Cryptic to do something about fleet marks. For example, if there was I way I could exchange fleet credit for fleet marks, I guarantee you I'd start playing foundry story missions much more often in place of the grind missions as I could just buy marks.

This has turned into a wall of text, and I do apologize. One more thing before I go. I do share a belief that the indexing of foundry missions needs a lot of work. Perhaps some kind of Foundry Wiki or other online database to catalogue and classify missions would be a solution; although that does seem like a lot of work to build and maintain.

Thank you.

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