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# 1 a properly outfitted wells...
01-24-2013, 11:00 AM
we can move past the fact that science ships are wretched.

what is the ideal dps setup for the wells?

I realize I can use any escort and make it to top of the chain dps. (and have for months now).
I utilize a mobius, breen and fleet advanced. All of which can make obscene dps.

but as a science officer I would like to make the most of a science ship. Since the wells is the first possibly decent science ship Ive owned, I am looking to make a stellar setup.

mainly looking for a pve setup, pvp setup is not my goal until I respec again.

I have tried a multitude of setups, I have all the sets, enough weapon and console types to outfit an armada.

so assuming I have just about everything, how would I make the wells an ideal and superb ship.