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I know it's not an STF as such, but the Mirror incursion (daily) event frequently annoys me.

More often than not the actual Federation Vs Terran ship fights proceed nicely. Then the ISS Stadi shows up and, more often than not, everyone goes after the Stadi. The number of times I've found myself trying (and often failing) to fight off numerous Terran battleships singlehanded as a result of almost everyone else charging off to shoot at the Stadi......
I remember a problem I had with the Mirror Incursion event where first time I played it when the Stadi fell I was happy that I had gone without dying since I usually die at least once in PVEs. As I'm thinking this I'm flying away from the Stadi, since I was next to it when it was destroyed, and since I had full hull and 75% shield strength, as well as having transferred power to engines I figured that I would probably be out of range of the blast and if not I'd survive with at least 50% of my hull intact. But no, the Stadi and her crew had the last laugh and killed the final ship of the battle when she exploded, ripping through my shields and obliterating my hull as if the Stadi was a frag grenade and my ship was made of tissue paper. Last thing said by anyone in that match was "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?"