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01-24-2013, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by zeuxidemus001 View Post
So little Yellow Submarine Bops?
In the clan where I was born,
Lived a Klingon who sailed thru space,
And he told us of his life,
In the land of voquv carriers,

So we sailed on to the sun,
Till we found the federatio scum,
And we lived beneath the energy mask,
In our yellow Carrier,

We all live in a yellow mirror carrier,
yellow Voquv carrier, yellow mirror carrier,
We all live in a yellow mirror voquv carrier,
with a mirror bop or three

And our friends teleport aboard,
Many more of them mauraude,
And the band begins to play.

(Trumpets play)

..yeah..I'm bored...might do more later :p