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01-24-2013, 10:13 AM
Originally Posted by themarie View Post
Yeah I've seen software devs in action, sitting behind a console copypasting code and fixing typos doesn't qualify as "hard work." Nor does slapping a half done texture on a poorly rendered model.

I am actually referring to another game I gave up on here, not STO. STO is slowly becoming "that other game" in terms of shear bug-creep and shortcutting. "Oh look another new weapon, same as the one from LAST season except it's PURPLE and shoots twice as fast!"

When a game gets to this point, I start reducing my play time. Eventually, I'll be done with it all together.
I left another game i had played for about 18 months and came here because the other game was one gianourmous bug if it wasnt broken those devs would "Fix" it and break it.
In the past 2 months on STO ive come to relise though not as buggy as my last game there are bugs that hurt gameplay but instead of fixing these issues we get lock boxes and new weapons like the ones you just stated.
Personally i had hoped that the klingon faction would add more to my STO experiance and enjoyment did not it just added to my dissapointment.
I will continue to play STO but as time goes on my interest will decrease until i finally log off one last time and find something else.