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# 177 Maintenance
01-24-2013, 10:30 AM
Maintenance is defined as activities that maintain operations. This is why automobiles have "scheduled maintenance." They're actually modifying and adding content, which is more than maintenance. Let's be honest, though: the least valuable commodity in the game are credits. I use mine to buy contraband to convert to dilithium. Sometimes I cave and buy Zen in excess of my monthly stipend to buy dilithium. It's the limiter in the game, and thus it's the most valuable commodity. You can get everything else in unlimited quantities each day, only limited by the time you wish to put into the game. Play all you want, you won't get more than 8,000 (or 9,000 at 800 days) dilithium each day, unless you buy refined ore from the Exchange, per character. You can convert EC into keys, which open lock boxes, and you can convert Dilithium to ZEN to buy things in the C-Store. Anyone who's actively part of a fleet or doing the reputation system(s) knows that dilithium is what takes up the majority of the delay in rapidly advancing. So, yes, this is maintenance, and it's adding new features. But, LB keys are not the source of income - that's dilithium.