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01-24-2013, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
I really don't think the dev team had that clear of an idea or a concept of how these consoles realistically affect balance.
would be Better than the Worse Console on the Better Ship.

Right and again, Feds have had a ton of useless crap consoles from the start.

I don't think KDF should have better consoles because they have less ships, that's just a terrible way to balance things.

Do I want to see more KDF ships? Yes of course!

Unfortunately the dev team seems unwilling to risk losing money again on brand new ships, so what the KDF has been getting instead are:

> Completely equal cross-faction lockbox ships (which are also, by and large, the most powerful)

> Fleet versions of lower tier ships (they don't require new artwork, which is the big expense and is where Cryptic has most likely lost money on something like the Bortasqu pack).

> Mirror Ships with better or different boff layouts than original counterpart (again, requires no new art assets).

This is the unfortunate situation until Crytpic decides to set their minds to making the KDF profitable somehow.

And before anyone complains about the lockbox ships, most Fed players want to play Fed ships too - but unfortunately the best stats are almost all going into lockboxes. This is an issue for both sides.

Well, we agree on this at least.

On the other hand, how fair is it now to face KDF ships that have both the MACO shield AND Plasmonic Leech?

The best thing to happen will be Plas Leech being ported to Fed side and then summarily nerfed. The gain is just way out of control, before you even consider that this drains others, for what it takes to slot this.
on the plus side fed got khg the highest cap shield in the game wich can mean tanker ships in general. sharing the space sets worked out well for both over all. in my opinion the leach should never mad it in game or at least never gone onto a escort where the biggest prob is