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This has been Cryptic s track record favor the Federation side all the time. Down play the Klingon's.

If your just getting the feeling of how this is. This has been their attitude since the release of the game. Fact they never intended to have a second playable faction until the beta testers were begging for the second faction to be playable Klingon's. Secondly the original Chief executive producer favored Federation because his boy hood idol was Captain Jean Luc Picard. Fact he made sure that the Klingon's were never allowed in the Sol sector even though in the movies the Klingon's ventured into the Sol sector. Which makes you wonder considering there were a Klingon Ambassador on Earth. In my opinion I would have questions like how did the Klingon ambassador get to earth if Klingon's are never allowed to enter Sol sector???

Daniel Stahl has been making every effort to try to get the Klingon's caught up but unfortunately he has his hands tide by Cryptic.

And the fact the Original Executive producer that stepped down was brought back to control the financial and resources of the game and refuses to allocate resources to get the Klingon's caught up to the federation. Once again he favors the Federation over the Klingon's. In fact he has purposely slowed any progress of getting the second faction to be developed further by only allocating small amounts of funds and resources. Again favoring the Federation. So if anything thats who you should be complaining about and not Daniel Stahl. Daniel Stahl still doing his best to try to get the Klingon's caught up.

I am sure Cryptic has lost sight of the potential that the game they created would fare way better if they balanced the game by getting the Klingon's caught up with new Klingon content and new Klingon ships. If Cryptic didn't know this but there is a lot more Klingon star trek fans out there in the world than they think. Proof positive they made Klingon language an official language recognized by today's society of languages.

I know for a fact if Cryptic balanced the number of ships between the two factions and the content this game would soar like an unstoppable financial rocket. They would make millions even though its free to play it would still be a gold mine. They would make money hand over fist in the C-store. Then players would be more apt to spend money in the c-store to get new items on both sides.

I can only hope Cryptic would wake up and see the future that this game could set them up for life financially if the balanced the factions.