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Thanks for the input guys it was very helpful. With an Assualt cruiser i dont worry about RCS and i already have at least one EPS in there so my power transfer is at 170 so i feel good about that. The reason why i asked about the armor was because people were saying that the shield gens dont really work and i didnt want to was the consol spaces on non effective gear.

Again thanks for the input
EPS is about the most useless console you can have, unless you extensively use Beam overload or constantly switch between power systems. Other than that it does nothing. It does not help in any shape or form to recover from weapon power drain when fireing your weapons. it only affects recovery rate after fireing a beam overload.

the shield gens work, you can see it for yourself. Just go into earth orbit and remove one, while looking at your shieldpoints...they will drop.

I don't run Hazard Emitters, so I rely on the armor bonus to keep the plasma fire from killing me after my shields go down in ESTFs
admirable bravery to go into battle against enemys that heavyly use plasma dots, without the single most usefull ability to counter them. respect
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