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01-24-2013, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by valarauko43 View Post
Actually all you need to do is check your mini-map. There should be a small grey arrow showing the direction of the satellite. Always works for me.
Once you'r inside the 'circle' - there is no arrow on screen any longer; but as others have said (and this is true in all missions) those circles are 2D representations; so if you're looking for an object/base/etc. to complete a mission objective; and you're at the center of the circle and don't see it - usually it'll be above or below your position (and sometimes you still may not see it from where you're at); and the only fix is to spiral up, or spiral down, until you find it.

(And as someone who's done this mission a few times; from your screenshot and the orientation of the planet - the object is above your ship.
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