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Can anyone help me figure out what is the best armor configuration for a Tac capt. I currently fly either an Assualt Cruiser Refit, Heavy Escort Carrier, and a Vesta class vessel.

I like the electrocreamic 35% to plasma resist , i usually stack as many as I can there is no diminished returns the numbers you see in your ship tables is false concerning armor resistances , the way armor works has been explained in depth by others in the pvp forums

Brace for impact and polorize hull are your best defense from torpedos i asorb torpedos spreads from donatra in my escort with only a tiny amout of damage to my hull

overall the neutroniums are good choices too because they offer good protection against any damage type , again the more the better, they are really nice to do stfs back to back with sb24 or any other encounter without worrying about changing them out

The EPS console is a poor choice imo replace it with something else that will benifit you

The best armor however is speed and manoverability
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