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01-24-2013, 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
I still say it comes down to what I said in another thread.

Cryptic's being smart. They're playing both sides of the coin, so to speak.

Support the PvP Community - show support for things like the Boot Camp, OPvP Channel, Leagues, Private Matches (Scheduling things in OPvP or on the Forums).

Support the MOAR POWA Community - by giving them things that are obvious examples of power creep, yet are not things that are broken and make a complete farce out of the PvE experience (like they're still working on how players can "poop out Dispersal Patterns" of Trics - lol, still chuckle reading that line).

Unfortunately, with the latter - the regular queues and Ker'rat are going to become cesspools of molten cheese and the AFK. The AFKers are fine with that. Those dripping molten cheese for the most part will be fine with it - they'll just try to bring more cheese than the next guy.

But still, there's the former. From actual Fleet Battles to PUGmades, cheese-free matches could take place. It's up to the PvP Community to make that effort, and Cryptic seems willing to support that to an's a win-win for them.

As that community grows, bringing more folks into classic and cheese-free tourneys/matches... somewhere down the road, Cryptic "might" start adding more on the PvP side... sure, anything like Ker'rat will be a nightmare; but maybe if the PvP Community handles it right - the community could grow that Cryptic would even look at limited/unlimited queues and PvP areas.

In the end, it could very well be both a win-win for Cryptic and the PvP Community.

Unfortunately, while that's good in theory, it can also blow up in their faces. Trying to appease both sides can also potentially mean they'll tick off both sides royally.

Cryptic releases item A with ship B. This appeals to the 'more power' crowd. However, the PvP crowd (mostly) uniformly declares it OP, for whatever reason.

So the item or ship is nerfed.

This ticks off the 'power' crowd because their stuff got nerfed, and the PvP crowd is fine with the item. So Cryptic makes a 'middle ground' change to it, and from there, nobody is really happy anymore because PvPers might consider it re-OPed again, while the 'power' crowd just wants their item back how it was before.

And if this repeats several times...

Eventually people might be excited for something new, but also worried and annoyed that what they get will eventually be nerfed anyways.

Putting all that aside, nobody who PvPs is truly happy because more and more is being released that just adds heaps of cheese to places like the queues and Ker'rat. So nobody is really happy there, except those using it. The best example is the console swap; sure there's been some good consoles that each side has gotten, but that is also just it, both factions are gaining those consoles which only tosses in more and more cheese without really enhancing either side's enjoyment of the game or PvP.

I'm not saying there can't be a middle ground somewhere, it's more that the situation I described above is kind of starting to happen. There are player-initiatives, but that's also just it: PLAYER, not Cryptic.

I'm personally ok with new stuff. I like variety. I like seeing what kinds of interesting things they put into the game. But, I've never seen a game release THIS much stuff either. Namely just more and more of a power creep, blending the factions unique stuff into one thing, and so on.