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01-24-2013, 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by eisenw0lf View Post
I don't think so.
Green = Covert Operative
Blue = Superior Covert Operative

Crit Percentages -------- Boff Loadout

15.2 ------- 1 Green, 2 Blue
12.7 ------- 2 Blue
15.2 ------- 1 Green 1 Blue
12.7 ------- 1 Blue
8.9 ------ Zero Boffs

Granted it's a small N, but the results seem fairly conclusive.

Originally Posted by eisenw0lf View Post
A dev mentioned on the tribble forums that a nerf was inbound for the quite ridiculous crit bonus, but they haven't decided yet what to do. Maybe this is a temporary solution until they make a decision, because honestly this crit bonus was just too overpowered.
That's an argument I'm not really going to get into. My feeling is that somebody was rushing to put the cooldown bug fix in and screwed up something on the backend of these boffs.

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